Q: How long does the make-up stay on?

A: I have tried and tested make up over the years….I use a primer that helps your makeup go on nice and smooth and helps it to last longer, I also set your makeup with a lasting finishing spray. That is why the makeup I apply will last you all day and evening.


Q: What is a “Consultation" for hair & make-up?

A: A “Consultation" is the most essential part of the trial. 

"What is the colour scheme of the bridal party?" is probably one of the most important questions, also “What do you wear, in terms of make-up, on a daily basis?" though the girl in the magazine may have a "Smokey look" that does not necessarily mean it will suit you….I will offer our thoughts on this to you, then it is your choice if you wish to proceed with it.

Make-up is very personal, because of this I need to know where you are coming from with your choice of colours etc. 

I can also discuss options to help look after your skin to give it that 'glow' so you can look your best on the wedding day


We then chat about your hair.

We encourage our brides to bring in pictures of styles that they like. Whether it be from magazines, or the internet, pictures can give our stylist an idea of where you are coming from, how you envision you will look on your day if you can't find something you like, then I have a book of hair styles (My portfolio) that you can go through to get some ideas.

If I don't think a style will suit your hair type, or hold all day on the wedding day, I’ll let you know, as every Bride wants her hair to last. I can also recommend what you can do to help it along.

I can also recommend colours, treatment's to enhance your hair for the day.

I also recommend buying your headpiece AFTER the trial, it is much better to pick the hair

Style and find a headpiece to suit rather than having to find a hairstyle to suit a headpiece. There are so many options and we have lot's here to show you.

I then begin a full make-over - 

From foundation matching, to contouring, to selecting eye shadow colours, to curling and styling.

When we are done, you critique the work and we keep changing it until you are completely satisfied. I document all the product used and take pictures. This way for your wedding day, I know what to deliver and you know exactly what to expect. It's very important to be upfront and let me know if there is something you don't like as we cannot know unless you tell us. Sometimes it's only a matter of changing the lippy or making the hair a bit less curly for example. I can change anything, but better that you change your mind before the wedding day, than to look back with regrets. 


Q: How long does the trial for hair & make up take?

A: Generally, it takes 90 mins to 2 hour's

The hair & make-up will take longer on trial day, because we are going through the selection process and trying several different looks.

It's important also to realize that at the end of the trial your hair and makeup may not look perfect as there has been some "playing around" but the hairdresser and makeup artist have had time to work with your hair and skin and will know what they need to do to make it perfect on the day.


Q: Do the bridesmaids have to get hair and make-up?

A: That is entirely up to you. Most Brides like at least 1 maid to have a trial so she can see the look they will have in contrast to hers. Sometimes maids have issues with their skin or hair and are happy to have the trial so they will also not be stressed on the day due to some bad experience they may have had in the past. Most Brides and maids have their trials and then go out for a night out to show it off…..


Q: Hair & make up trial cost?

A: Trials for Hair & Makeup together are $145 or Hair Only $75 for Makeup Only $80 per person this is at my Studio located in Wattle grove.


Q: Can I use my own make-up?

A: Of course, we will use any make-up you like. However, we cannot guarantee how it will 

Photograph, nor it's longevity on the day As long as you understand that, we are happy to work with any products you bring in.


Q: How far in advance should I Book my hair and Makeup?

A: I like most other wedding vendors in that we get booked a year, sometimes more in advance so the sooner you book the better. Then you can trial at your leisure, probably 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding is a good time. If you want to trial on a Saturday then you will need to book far in advance.


Q: What if I live out of state or in another country?

A: Many of our brides come from out of state or from other countries. This makes it quite impossible to do a trial. Our photos on the site speak for themselves and anyone booking can feel confident that we will make them look as good.

In this case, you need to contact me either by e-mail or by phone. We can discuss the services you are interested in and you can send us a deposit so you know you are safely booked for your hair & make up


Q.: How does it work for my hair & make-up (On-location) on my wedding day?

A: I am able to come to the location of your choice. Whether it is, hotel or your own house, I will transform any space into a salon. We can accommodate your entire bridal party, including flower girls, the Bridal party and relatives. All we need is a table and good lighting.


Q: Why is it important for the makeup artists and hairdressers to come to us?

A: This is a very simple answer: Stress! On your wedding day there is so much happening that the last thing you want to worry about is fighting traffic to go get your hair done in one place, and your make-up in another. Furthermore, we specialize in working with brides and wedding parties. We customize each look to the client's liking, but we are also experts in how the make-up and hair should be done to get the best results in the photos. By far the most popular comment made by the brides we work with is: "Thank goodness I don't have to be out on the road on my wedding day!"


Q: How do you handle refunds?

A: When a client pays a deposit, it is to secure that date and time for the wedding.

If that bride is cancelling her wedding hair & Makeup

  • 120+ days (4 months) before booking date – 60% of you deposit is refundable  

  • Cancellations between 60 and 120 days (2 - 4 months) before booking date – Deposits are 20% refundable.

  • Cancellations 60 days (2 months) or less before booking date – Deposits are not refundable. 

  • In instances where part of the booking is cancelled or changed (e.g. A member of your group originally booked to have their hair and/or makeup styled by me then chooses to do their own hair and/or makeup) If these changes occur AFTER the booking has been confirmed with a deposit and WITHIN 30 days of the booking date, a 50% cancellation fee on the quoted price of those services cancelled will apply. You can transfer the service to another person for the original booking day only.


Q: Where can I view your price list?

A: Find all price lists on my website under weddings page www.tamarashairandbeauty.com

Q: Children at a trial.

A: I prefer no children at the trial. As I want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, and this is hard to achieve when a child is looking for your attention. They get bored easily and as there isn't a lot for children to do it is hard to keep them occupied.


Q: When should I book the hairdresser and makeup artist make-up artist? 

A: It's never too early, it only takes 1 other Bride to take your place.


If you have any questions or notice something I haven’t covered,

please email us at tamara_paterniti11@hotmail.com or by phone on 0403 581 253



Temporarily closed as I’m now on maternity leave.
Still taking any enquires and bookings for Weddings or Special Occasions in the new year.