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FUN MEETS FUNCTIONALITY!Get in on the OMG! game with this cute, fun, and flirty hair band perfect for keeping strands from skin when applying skincare or makeup essentials, cleansing, masking. CUTE, COZY, AND COMFORTABLE!Gentle, plush terry cloth material protects hair and skin from breakage and pulling, so comfort is always key. BED, BATH, AND MORE!Soak up some sudsy, soothing relaxation while in a warm bubble bath without getting hair wet, or wear while sleeping to prevent bangs and hair from falling in face. Also perfect during massage or visiting spa. REMOVABLE PARTS!Customize your hair band with OMG! logo removable parts. Wear however you dare! 


SKU: 217537123517253
  • Mega Hair Band from packaging and slip head through center, gently pulling hair back. Ears are adjustable and removable.

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